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A service dog from Foliage Retrievers can be life changing for its handler. Our in depth matching process ensures that the dog fits the personality, lifestyle, and the needs of their handler. Your safety and the safety of our highly trained canines are of highest priority. Please begin the process by reading our eligibility criteria and familiarize yourself with our process.

Our dedicated team will carefully review all submissions, and if we believe there is a good fit for our program, we will reach out to you. However, please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive and our limited resources, we regretfully cannot respond to every individual application.


Before applying to our service dog programs, please carefully review the following requirements to ensure that you align with our program’s criteria.

At Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs (FRSD), we require the following to be eligible to apply:

Treatment and Documentation:

  • Minimum one year of ongoing therapy for PTSD.
  • Continuation of ongoing care.
  • Documentation from mental health professionals supporting the need for a service dog. 

Financial Responsibility: Clients must be willing and able to provide comprehensive financial support for the dog’s well-being, covering aspects such as food, veterinary care, preventatives, vaccinations, routine check-ups, emergencies, and maintaining insurance for the dog’s health.

Fenced Backyard: A secure, fenced-in backyard is a prerequisite for our clients.

No Other Pets: To foster a strong bond between the handler and their service dog, we do not allow other pets in the home.

Safe Home Environment: Our application process includes a home visit and interviews with individuals residing in the home to ensure a safe and supportive environment.

Veterinary Records and Reference: Access to previous veterinary records and a reference from your veterinarian (if applicable) is required to ensure proper care for our service dogs.

Support Network: Clients must establish a reliable support network, including individuals who can care for the dog in emergencies, assist with walks, and provide assistance in various situations.

Training Commitment: If accepted, clients commit to a year-long, structured training program based in the Lakes Region New Hampshire. The initial two weeks involve daily training classes, followed by weekly trips for skill practice public spaces. This rigorous program ensures a successful match between client and dog.

Ongoing Support: Beyond the first year, clients continue to receive support. They undergo a biannual public access test and home visit to maintain our training standards and a strong client-dog partnership. It’s all part of our “unbe-leaf-ably” strong commitment to creating lasting partnerships between our clients and their Foliage Retrievers Service Dogs.



After completing the initial step, please be prepared to dedicate 30-45 minutes to fill out the application. The application will require detailed information about your situation and the reasons why you and your care team believe a Service Dog can be beneficial. As you go through the application, please ensure that you have contact information readily available for your doctor, employer, veterinarian (if applicable), and landlord.


Once you have submitted your application, it will be carefully reviewed by FRSD. However, please note that due to the high volumes of applications we receive and our limited resources, we may not be able to provide a response to each application. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you for taking the time to apply to our program.



If we believe that a Foliage Retriever Service Dog may be a good match for you we will be in touch to request further information and documentation which may include medical documentation or referrals.


If we require further information or have additional questions based on your application and documentation, we may request a phone interview with you. This interview allows us to gather more details and assess the compatibility between our program and your needs.


Once we have received all the necessary documentation and if we still believe a Foliage Retrievers Service Dog may be a suitable match, we may schedule a home visit. This visit helps us evaluate the suitability of a Service Dog for your specific situation. If you reside outside of our service radius, we may initially request a home video to better understand your living environment.


At Foliage Retrievers, our priority is the well-being and compatibility of our service dogs. We reserve the right to end the process if it is determined to be incompatible. Please note that completing the assessment steps does not guarantee receiving a service dog. Our goal is to ensure the best fit for both our furry friends and the individuals we serve.


If all of the pieces: the application, medical documentation, interview, and other screening go well then we may elect to send a customized proposal for you to review. Choosing to get a service dog is an important and difficult decision. Please take your time when making this decision and consult with family and friends. We want to ensure that this is the right decision for you.

Support FRSD: Fundraising

We kindly request our accepted clients to contribute towards supporting FRSD through fundraising efforts. This contribution assists in covering the operating costs associated with raising, training, and matching our unique and highly skilled dogs. Upon acceptance into the FRSD program, you will have the opportunity to meet with a representative to discuss and develop a personalized fundraising plan.


If after careful consideration you feel that you would like to proceed with joining our waitlist we will then place you on our waiting list. Our waiting time varies depending on what tasks are needed, match between dog and handler, and availability of dogs. We understand our clients may be able to be served faster at a larger organization, we simply ask that you notify us so we can withdraw your name from the waiting list if you are able to acquire a dog from a different program or for any other reason.


Once a dog is located that may be a good fit we will get in touch with you and provide more information at that time.


If you are matched with a dog, you will be invited to join us for team training. Further details will be provided to you if this is the case.

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